CT SafeConnect Minutes Spent Per Region

by Chris Perry and Lachlan Berry

Last updated on 1/18/22

for Data Visualization for All
with Prof. Jack Dougherty
Trinity College, Hartford CT, USA


The CTSafeConnect Program (CCADV), is a non-governmental organization dedicated to finding “a way to make it easier for victims of domestic violence to access information, resources and assistance.” When first looking at the CCADV data, our attention was immediately drawn to the fact this data was broken up into a regional format. This helped us to narrow down our focus into figuring out how minutes were spent by the service across the state in each region. Our goal was to see if SafeConnect is spending more time in certain regions than other ones. This information will be useful in seeing what regions have a disproportionate amount of minutes spent in each region regardless of their population. We normalized the data using both average and median statistics to get a better idea of how many minutes SafeConnect spends in each region. For example, the Hartford region may have a very high amount of minutes spent but when looking at their average minutes per call, they’re actually in the middle with 16.6 minutes per call, far below New Britain which has 18.3 minutes per call.

Above there is a chart that illustrates the average minutes spent for each region. As you can see, the average minutes spent for most regions is in between 16 and 17 minutes, with only a few outliers. You can also see that the New Britain Region is considerably higher than all the other regions with an average minutes spent being 18.3 minutes.

Below there is a chart that includes each of the median minutes spent for each region. Compared to the average minute spent chart, the median minutes spent is much more consistent when looking at each of the regions with all of the minutes spent medians being 11 and 12 minutes. The median minutes spent is also considerably lower than the average.

The table below shows the average minutes spent for each distinctive region in terms of race. We used the CT Safe Connect Data to find out how race effects the average minutes spent in each region. From this table, we can see how the average minutes spent in each region is broken down in terms of race, which is extremely important when looking at where CCADV's resources are being dedicated to.

The map above shows the average minutes spent accross each of the regions in cases that resulted in Criminal Justice. We wanted to understand how the average minutes spent changes when looking at it through the lens of criminal justice. This is important because it gives us a better idea on what is making up the averages pictured in chart 1.


We used the census data provided to figure out the population density of each region. This was done with a pivot table which is linked here.https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GgAMd-jagOoWjF-k0DL5ZGUxpFICRgnOEvMSByQEDLs/edit?usp=sharing We then took that data and combined it with the CT Safe Connect data provided to find out the relative minutes spent for calls in each region. This was done with a separate pivot table to get a rough idea of which regions were over or underrepresented. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JaFydNh-6GsuGUx4X7_1h1SDaTxez4YLeH270zj5TEQ/edit?usp=sharing


Thank you to CT SafeConnect for helping us use the information/data that they have collected.